Use Alias as Internal number

I have internal groups with my users and want the work number only to be displayed in the phone apps and UCP via the contact manager. Currently, it defaults to the extension ID am I just missing where to change this or is it more complicated? I have looked in the Contact Manager, User Manager, Extension, and Phone Apps modules and do not see anywhere to override this.

What is the difference? Is it something like the extension is XXXX and they want to see YYYYYYXXXX?

Accounts are being pulled in via AD and employee ID is the only unique item we could find in AD that doesn’t change a large proportion of our phone numbers are linked to the job role and flip around so we update the DID and alias fields as needed pointing the number to the extension which is basically always hidden.

You could set the internal caller ID via: Extensions>Advanced Tab>Edit Extension Section>CID Num Alias.

Is that what you are looking for?

yes we have that done… it comes up everywhere (that I have seen so far) with the alias except in the contact manager displays on the phone or UCP

Might not be possible via the GUI. You could try editing the display name in the user details section of a contact manager entry, but I think even if the display name was (NAME + Number) it would still show the extension after. Worth a test. you might be able to “push it out” with spaces.

You can request Sangoma add this as part of a feature request for future updates.

Another option to do in would be custom dialplan. You could study the conf files and see where the caller ID is getting inserted into contact manager/UCP with a call, and then try to change the value of the variable it uses to what you want inserted. That should be very possible.

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