Use a different ssh port number than standard

In our freepbx 2.5.1 admin cp home page, our ssh server status is showing a warning (yellow). Before changing our ssh port, this was working. But now that we have changed our ssh port number, it is showing a warning. I tried ./install_amp again but this did not solved it.

I am using ubuntu 8.04 lts, 64bit and asterisk

any suggestions?

Well the monitoring status page is monitoring the ssh port where it should exist on port 22. When you changed it it of course started to fail as it’s not where it expects it to be.

If you are protected by a firewall the smarter thing to do would be to return ssh to it’s standard location and use your firewall to do a port translation from a port number you pick to be available externally and then have it translate that to the standard port 22 inside.