USB Voice Modem

Hello, I am new to FreePBX and have a question. I need to attach a USB Voice Modem so I can make analog calls over my Google Voice SIP. Can this work? I don’t want an ATA but I will buy one if that’s my only option. I am looking at:

USB 56K V.90 External Voice Fax Data Modem On Google at this URL.

[Google Shopping Iteam] [1]

Is this a good choice? Can I get several and use a USB Hub?

I don’t know if a USB Hub works with a traditional Command Line Version of Linux.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

That is not what you want. You want an ATA, an Analog Telephone Adaptor. I don’t recommend any in particular, as they’re all pretty much the same, but, there’s some cheap ones here

The HT-701 is $26, and provides a port you plug an analog phone into. Sounds like exactly what you need.

(Full disclosure, buying from there helps pay my wages, so, go wild 8-))

Thanks @xrobau
I will look into PAP2T

By the way, it looks like Google Voice will not work with FreePBX or any other 3rd party applications any more.
Can any one recommend a FREE sip trunk provider?
I looked into a service called voipfone but I need a US provider. (voipfone is for the United Kingdom)


My FreePBX is hooked up perfectly with GoogleVoice. Works pretty well, but they could certainly change stuff at anytime.

Oh! I thought it was unsupported .
What FreePBX and Asterisk version are u on?


… and I see you’re getting help with GV. One hint, ensure your GV account has the less security enabled.