USB Phones / Softphones - what are you using

Hello, I’m a voip noob in the UK /grin

I am looking for good USB Softphones / Headsets that work well with Freepbx…

What are you lot using?

What would you recommend?

What should I be googling? as I keep hitting skype phones or usb sound/mic devices.

At present -
I’ve got a cheepo USB VOIP Phone and Free Zoiper SIP softphone. While it works OK to make and receive a call it only comes with Skype software, and the additional phone buttons for address book and stuff don’t seem to do anything in zoiper.

ta I’ll give xlite a try with my usb phone, I’ve since read the functions aren’t in the free zoiper softphone - but in the biz version. Not sure if the phone will activate the software even in the biz version though…

hmm, X-Lite doesn’t even work with the phones number pad - it just uses the phone as a earpiece/mic.

Zoiper works the best so far.

Any comments from anyone else?

you could try using Xlite. It requires a microphone equipped headset and it is free to download. Just do a google for it.