USB FXO Recommendation

I currently run FreePBX on an Asrock AS330 . As far as I’m aware there’s no internal expansion available so I’m looking for a recommendation for an external USB option.

I need to use it with a BT landline (im in UK) to be able to receive incoming calls only (outgoing with route through my SIP provider). Its only a house PBX so I only need the 1 line in/out and im not afraid of spending money as long as its money well spent!!

I’m a complete beginner with this stuff so please bear with me!

Please check with Sangoma USB

The Sangoma USB product is discontinued.

@smithr99 is there a specific reason why you require a USB device? The normal way to accomplish this is to use an ATA (or Gateway for more ports) that interfaces to your PBX using SIP not USB.

Thanks for the replies. Ive actually got a Cisco ATA (SPA112). Im using this to plug my analogue wireless phones into but i wasn’t sure/didn’t know if it can be used to accept an incoming line?? I was thinking USB because the AS330HT im using for the PBX doesn’t have any available expansion slots so i was thinking if there’s anything i can plug into it instead?

Hope this makes sense!!