USA 919 Area Code


I’m in the UK but I run a FreePBX for 5 different friends so far, lots of extensions, outbound routes and trunks for each person, custom contexts to control who calls out on what - hosted VoIP essentially.

One of my users had a SIPPhone (aka Gizmo) account with a ‘Call in’ thing where he got a 910 area code number, because they didn’t have a 919 area code - and even then it cost $35! Well its been a year and its expired, and thankfully not renewed.

So not really knowing the US VoIP market very well, I’m after if possible a SIP ITSP that can just do credit on a top up basis like Gizmo, offer him a 919 number - at free or little cost.

Any ideas?

Here is a tool to check the NPA - NXX

919 – is North Carolina as low as $9.99 for incoming. has 919 DID’s for $1.99 per month and $0.0139 per minute. They are SIP lines and work very well for me and my customers.


Thanks for the information, but the first one is like $9.99 a month and the second is like $8.99 a month, was only paying $35 a year with SIPPhone (Gizmo)… does anyone else have some recommendations?

Seems silly even paying at all in my mind… in the UK you can pick up an inbound phone number from any ITSP for absolutely nothing! And choose the area code! :smiley:

I could not find a real land line in UK for cheap. Only the special numbers and they are free - that’s true but to dial those numbers the caller pays arms and legs over 20 cents/min where else to dial a landline number in UK it costs less then 2 cents but the real landlines are not free. If you know off a DID provider that is giving free UK land lines please let me know.

Just look up the rates for UK from any provider - there are thousands of numbers listed and they make it callers responsible to find out how much it’s going to cost them. So beware of UK numbers - specially their cell phone and geo and some special numbers. Try to look up the numbers you will dial in UK and it is a nightmare to find out how much the rate will. Here is an example site for UK rates:

Also some numbers can only be dialed from within UK.

For USA landline numbers try

kimkhan, I don’t want a UK DID… That wasn’t my question… I’m just speaking from a UK perspective it’s very easy to find a UK DID for absolutely nothing but it seems hard to find USA DID’s for even a reasonable price.

Off the top of my head for a free UK DID, you can use,, tesco internet phone!, and VoIP user will give free DID’s too (although non geographic in that case, but it won’t charge you for someone to call in - that silly idea doesn’t even remotely exist in the UK, not even with mobile phones)

The idea of going for a SIP account with an ITSP and -not- getting a free regional DID is plain silly in the UK. And that list wasn’t a complete one as theres many more.


I need to know what ITSP’s in the USA will give a free (or for a cheap annual fee, like gizmo does them for $35) 919 area code DID with a top-up based SIP account.

VBuzzer is giving DIDs for only $25 but they dont have any 919 area codes. So Gizmo is pretty much the cheapest with unlimited incoming calls on a 919 number.

Why do you not want to use Gizmo?

Also, IPKall is totally free but they only have Washinton State numbers and they will only forward the call to a sip account like voxalot or sipphone

You could keep your trunk registered but let the call in number expire and call it through the pstn access numbers. Free is pretty good :-[) Otherwise $35 for unlimited usage is not bad at all.

After all the rates for receiving calls is very reasonable in the USA (free) :slight_smile: Don’t people in the UK pay for incoming calls… still?

Do they still have to pay a fee for their antenna on their television? tax tax tax…

kimkhan - What exchanges are those? In my country code list from it shows all the area codes for england but only 1 for landline calls… England Proper

Thanks for the info


I can’t stay with Gizmo because they don’t have any 919 numbers available, thats the whole point of me starting this topic. If they did have a 919 number I’d gladly pay the $35 again!

And no, people in the UK have never been charged to receive calls be it land lines or mobiles.

And yeah we have a TV License, for a public television and radio corporation that has no commercial advertisements what so ever - but what does this have to do with anything?!?!