US International Dial Pattern incomplete?

The default US International dial plan wizard provides 011. as the match pattern which is good for most countries. However, the North American Number Plan has a rather extensive list of North American countries that do not require the 011 prefix when dialing as they do not have their own designated country code and simply use a more traditional area code.

As most of these destinations are international to the US, shouldn’t they also be included in the dial pattern US International wizard?

Maybe, but you may also have to be careful to not include them in your US patterns.

Are you distinguishing these numbers for security (require a PIN, limit them to specific extensions, or block them altogether)? Or is it for least cost or best quality routing (use a different trunking provider for these calls)?

NANP currently has 27 area codes outside of US and Canada. Some are quite expensive to call. Many systems treat Canada as ‘domestic’, because there is lots of cross border traffic and most locations are very inexpensive. However, with many providers 867 (NT, YT and NU) is expensive.

Hi Stewart,
Is there a need to not include them in the US patterns? I was under the impression that “first match wins” with outbound routes so keeping these above my standard local/LD outbound route would match first and use any of the associated rules/trunks/etc?

I am distinguishing for security and have a PIN associated with the numbers as well as routing them to a different trunk provider that will limit total expenses (just incase there is a bug or the pin is compromised).

For now, I setup two outbound routes, one for all non US & Canada NANP Countries and one for Canada. I believe this now puts all international dialing on a dial plan that requires a PIN and routes to an appropriate trunk. As someone who rarely makes international calls, it feels like having a “US International” dial plan wizard that isn’t comprehensive or at least has some type of a notice on what it doesn’t cover (NANP countries) is at minimum concerning.

Anyways, just a related thought from the exploit experience from my other thread.

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