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I live in England have several UK numbers for my company and have started to look into getting US numbers for my clients to contact me. With the UK numbers, I have two channels per number and do not pay for the number itself but just the call rate and just add a channel for 75p when needed.

I have searched around for SIP trunking and DID numbers in the US but they seem costly compared to the UK and I am trying to find cheap solutions as these will not be used all the time and all calls in the UK will remain with the Uk number. Is there anyone in the US that knows if any cheap sip trunking/did number services?

I know this is not an issue with freepbx however I assumed a lot of people on this would use a vast amount of different services in the US.
$0.06/mo. + $0.0.0003/min. I have no experience with them. $0.08/mo. + $0.00325/min.
They give you a small credit at signup, so you can test without making a payment. IMO reliable, but they don’t have good failover options for when your PBX is down or unreachable.
$0.15/mo. + $0.004/min.
Can fail over to an alternate SIP address or a PSTN number.

All of the above are pay-per-minute with no charge for channels. $0.99/mo. Hard limited to two channels, but no charge for incoming calls to VoIP.
Can fail over to PSTN or voicemail.
$0.50/mo. Hard limited to two channels, but no charge for first 10,000 min. incoming calls to VoIP.
Can fail over only to an alternate SIP URI.

The above are two brands of the same UK company.

Thank you! I have signed up with SignalWire as they offer low prices and offer unlimited channels. In the UK we have 0330 for national numbers and 0800 for toll free numbers. 0330 prefix is what I use for my companies main phone number, does the US have anything similar to this in terms of a national number that is not a toll free number?

there is no Ofcom equivalent in the US, there is no premium to call cell phone numbers (mobiles in brit-speak) , with number portability having been in place for many years, geographic numbering no longer makes sense, apart from calls to the ‘non-contiguous’ states, HI and AK expect the call charge to vary very little and be way below 0.5 cents a minute if you choose right

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