URI Calling From Phone Provider Implementation


I’m currently in the process of migrating over from another PBX System to FreePBX, We have a number of DID’s that connect from our telephone provider using URI Example [email protected]:5060 and that routes to the persons extension on the phone system, is there a way to implement this ins FreePBX?


Assuming that you’re using pjsip and that its Port to Listen On has not been changed from the default of 5060:

Create a trunk for your provider. In the pjsip settings, set both Authentication and Registration to None. Set SIP Server to e.g. sip.myprovider.com (or the IP address they supply).

If your provider can send calls from multiple IP addresses, go the Advanced tab and set Match to the list of addresses.

If you can’t find out which addresses they use to send calls, you can set Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls to Yes, but beware that this greatly reduces security; you should do this only as a last resort and with understanding of what other security measures become more important.

Then, set up your Inbound Routes as usual.

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Thanks so Much, The adding the SIP Trunk worked, Didn’t need to add inbound rules as it routed straight to extension


Wait, what?

You do have an inbound route, otherwise the call would fail from the trunk.

The ingress for the system is “Provider -> Trunk -> Inbound Route -> Whatever (including extensions)”. I suspect that what you actually have is an Inbound Route with no DID or incoming CID set, and that is routing to your extension. Just trying to avoid a source of confusion in the future.

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