Urgent: Help required in creating hunt groups

Hi all,

I need a little help in creating hunt group using my freepbx machine that has 4-port analog card and 4 extensions (201,202,203,204) defined for our agents. There are only incoming calls and no outgoing calls just to be specific. The requirements are as follow:

  1. When a call comes in through any of the analog channel, the system should check for agent extensions randomly and destined the call to it.

  2. The call can be destined to agents on extension based or randomly. So e.g. if a call comes in through analog channel 1, it should check if extension 201 is free. If so, forward this call to it. If 201 is busy, it should check 202. If 202 is busy, it should forward the call to 203 and so on. Once any extension answers the call, this should stop. At any one time, the call should be forwarded to any 1 extension which is free.

This way calls coming in on different incoming analog ports will be connected to different extensions on auto based on availability. Any help in this is highly appreciated.

You can achieve this both with ring groups or queues, using the option to skip busy agents, just read about it on the online documentation of FreePBX.

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