URGENT CPU usage 100%, Sapping upload bandwidth

I have taken over looking after a trixbox based system, and yesterday the CPU has jumped to 100%, it is sapping all the upload bandwidth, which mean outgoing calls are not connecting, and incoming calls are also failing.

The 100% CPU utilisation only seems to occur when the device is connected to the nework, if I add the VM to a private network it idles around 1-2%.

If anybody has any ideas what could be causing this, I’d appreciate any help!

XenCenter CPU usage

I am sure you have been hacked.

trixbox is unsupported, end of life and since they stole FreePBX, painted it green and then dumped all the users I don’t think anyone here cares much about keeping one running.

Since you can login I would simply grab the database, print it out and start a new, genuine FreePBX system.

Thanks for the reply, you were right - locking down port 5060 did the trick.

I was under the impression freepbx and trixbox ce were the same thing - guess I will look into updating the system.

No, not at all. At the time trixbox was out FreePBX didn’t even have a distro. It was only source code. You installed Linux, Asterisk and then FreePBX.

trixbox CE got worse over the years. The end was when they took the FreePBX name off of it, changed the color and called it their own. They never finished that version, and the project is closed and web site shut down. trixbox is based on freePBX 2.4, the current release is 2.11