[URGENT-COVID19] Google TTS not working

we are a community pharmacy who is testing for Corona free of charge. TTS not working.

I installed google TTS as here:

This worked fine on my old server (Version 14), but not on the new one I installed. Actual version

I get:
propolys-tts.agi,“AAA”,google_speech,/usr/bin/node: TTS AGI Started
– propolys-tts.agi,“AAA”,google_speech,/usr/bin/node: Generated WAV file: /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/tts/google_speech-tts-e1faffb3e614e6c2fba74296962386b7.wav
– propolys-tts.agi,“AAA”,google_speech,/usr/bin/node: TXT file: /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/tts/google_speech-tts-e1faffb3e614e6c2fba74296962386b7.txt
propolys-tts.agi,“AAA”,google_speech,/usr/bin/node: Text to speech wave file doesnt exist, lets create it.
propolys-tts.agi,“AAA”,google_speech,/usr/bin/node: Executing google_speech
propolys-tts.agi,“AAA”,google_speech,/usr/bin/node: File was not created!
propolys-tts.agi,“AAA”,google_speech,/usr/bin/node: TTS AGI end
– <SIP/151-000041cd>AGI Script propolys-tts.agi completed, returning 0

Any hints what is wrong? I need the TTS-System running as soon as possible because we need to play information to our customers concerning the free Covid-19-Testing we are offering and we cannot handle 500 calls a day by hand.


Try running fwconsole chown

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