Upload Voicemails through FreePBX without UCP

Hi guys,

I have had 100 custom voicemails commissioned professionally for all users greetings, the only way currently I’ve found online to assign voicemails is through the UCP. With 100’s of user’s this is quiet a time extensive process given that some users would need the UCP account & dashboards setup too.

Is there anyway I can assign these voicemails through the FreePBX GUI or through the Admin<Config Edit section of Free PBX?

Asterisk v16


The unavailable greeting for extension 1234 is stored at
and the busy greeting (which could be the same or different) is

Write a script to copy your custom greetings to the appropriate locations. You may need to reformat the audio files to e.g. mono, 8 kHz sample rate.

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Thanks Stewart,

Also cheers for the reformat conditions.

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