Upload high quality music on hold is possible?

i made some audio file for music on hold, but when i upload it on my freepbx i less quality.

How is possible to upload it without less quality?
Thank you

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Be specific. What are you actually doing and what are you expecting?

Unless you are using high quality Codecs, all of your sound files are going to be down-coded to whatever you are using for your audio codecs (typically less than 64K Mono).

i uploaded 3 files:

  • Music on hold
  • Registration file when our office is closed (night service)
  • Registration file when we have holidays

All this file are wav files and if i listen it on my computer they are very good (perfect quality).

When i upload it on freepbx and try to listen by phone, the quality is low (the music is not very clean and the words also are not clean)
Which code i can use for high quality?
And where i have to set it?

What version of freepbx?

FreePBX version is

The sound is like mono, maybe is better stereo? But on my computer is perfect…

A phone system only supports mono by definition. When you upload to FreePBX what codecs are you selecting. You should be selecting sln48 and g722 and then you need your phones to use the same codecs.

Seems like an appropriate place to drop this link without making assumptions or acusations:

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what you mean for “my phones”?
My extension?

Because i can not give codec sln48 or g722 for my customers…
Maybe i can set it on my extensions…

I dont understand what you mean by this. You need to use a high quality codec if you expect the music to be high quality.

i don’t undestand where i need to use high quality codec…

I believe what they are trying to tell you is that unless you use high quality codecs you will not have something which sounds as nice (or close to) how it sounds on your PC…

yes i undestand i have to use this high quality codec, but i don’t undestand where…

For everyone you intend to put on hold so theorically your phones and your trunks…

Good luck for the trunks though, I deal with 4 VoIP providers and only one supports it…

Have a nice day!


no, i mean, i have to convert file in sln48 or g722 when i upload the file?
This is the page where i upload the music on hold

Here i clicked on convert file in sln48 and g722 but if i try to call in my office i have the same quality of audio… not perfect like on my computer

First, do your phones support G.722 to begin with?

Second, there is a big chance the files on your computer are of an even better quality than what G.722 is capable of…


for example now i have 2 file inside, but if i press play i hear from the speakers of the low-quality computer

You can see in this image

So, when i upload the file i less quality…

The right codecs are there. You need to have a phone with the correct codec support to hear the higher quality music.

So the problem is not mine
The problem is of my customers when they call us?

Or i have to export the wav file with some other options?

My guess is …

You must have a designated SIP trunk for your DIDs for inbound calls. So if your company phone number is 5141234567, that DID would be with a provider like voip.ms or sipstation, etc… and you would have an inbound trunk with them for the calls.

THAT trunk has to support the same high quality codecs as your recordings. E.g. if that trunk is GSM then your customers will hear a wav music file transcoded to GSM which is probably not very good.

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