Upload custom ringtone to Yealink phones

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Hello guys,
I have a commercial Endpoint manager module and I am trying to upload a custom ringtone to our Yealink (T46S) phones. I have successfully uploaded ringtone to Endpoint Manager → Ringtone Manager but when I log in into phone’s control panel I can’t find the ringtone in the dropdown list (Settings → Ring → Internal ringer file).
Can someone tell me if I have overlooked some step?

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Did you reboot the phones?

(Adamm) #3

Yes, a few times via Save, rebuild configs, and update phones option

(Jared Busch) #4

I would be extremely surprised if EPM correctly handled this. Advanced things like this are likely only tested against the Sangoma phones.

Yealink phones need to be told to download ring tones from a URL. You can look in the base file in EPM and see if there is anything setup for that.

Go with nope.
So go find out what the actual URL of the uploaded ringtone is and manually edit the basefile by clicking on this.

Here is what the Yealink Admin guide says

If you use HTTP auth on your provisioning (you better be) then your URL would be something like


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Thanks for the thorough answer, I’ve finally made it :slight_smile:
Here are detailed instructions:

  1. copy custom_ringtone.wav file to /tftpboot/ directory of FreePBX server
  2. In the EPM → Basefile Edit edit line ringone.url and add value
    where is your server’s IP address. I’ve checked HTTP provisioning port in EPM → Global settings (port 84 for me)
  3. Save, Rebuild Config(s) and update phones

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Actually you should make this: __provisionAddress__/custom_ringtone.wav then it will just be right based on your other provisioning settings.

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