Upgrading to FreePBX 2.8 from 2.5 with a new Trixbox install

I am trying to upgrade from FreePBX 2.5 to 2.8. When I check for updates, the upgrade tool does not appear. I searched and found the page:

Here, I followed the link to “Download trixbox Upgrade Tool” which states it will upgrade to 2.6. However, the link points to a filed named “versionupgrade-” which appears to upgrade to version 2.5, not 2.6.

I searched some more and found the upgrade tool for 2.6 at:

After I install that one, I get a message saying that FreePBX cannot connect to the online repository. Can anyone help?


I am wanting to do the exact same thing. I tried what you have done as well and end up at the same result.

Interestingly it says that it cant connect to update.trixbox.org not mirror.freepbx.org

I tried fooling the dns to point update.tri… to mirror.free…

still no go though.

Did you manage to get anywhere?



I believe the repository is set in amportal.conf, but you might want to download the tarball and go from there.

the repository is hard coded.

the problem with trixbox is that if you are using their forked version of FreePBX, then they have messed with the version numbers and a standard module update will not do the trick.

The best thing to do if it is the forked version is to update from the tarball with a --force-version 2.4.0 to force migrations that may not otherwise happen. Once you have done that, you should update all modules, including ones that say they are up-to-date or newer then the installed version.

Thank you all for guidance it works brilliant .
Just a quick question do i need enable trixbox repo’s after? I think NO but could be wrong.
Guru please correct me if I’m wrong on guidance below.

For people like me(dumm and new) here is exactly what you need to do ,just copy past to command line or use putty (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html) if you run it on wm ware
1.disabling repo’s
cd /etc/yum.repos.d
mv trixbox28beta.repo trixbox28beta.repo.disable
mv trixbox28.repo trixbox28.repo.disable
mv trixboxdevel.repo trixboxdevel.repo.disable
mv trixbox.repo trixbox.repo.disable
this will disabled all trixbox repo
you can run yum repolist to see if all repo’s disabled
2. Upgrading to FreePBX
cd /usr/src/
wget http://mirror.freepbx.org/freepbx-2.8.0.tar.gz
tar zxvf freepbx-2.8.0.tar.gz
cd freepbx-2.8.0
./install_amp --force-version=2.4.0

please note 2.4.0 is version of your current PBX
3. you should update all modules, including ones that say they are up-to-date or newer then the installed version.

All done-)))

I have trixbox v2.8.0.3. I want to upgrade FreePBX to 2.8. I need more handholding than the previous answers provided.

1 - is it possible? What are the cautions / dangers?

2 - I do not understand “forked version”

Any help is welcome.

Forked means they took an earlier version of FreePBX and changed it up. They continued to make changes based on that and at some point the two versions become incompatible.

Seems I saw somewhere that although TB version is, in reality it’s based on a 2.6 version of FreePBX.

Can it be done? It can, but you would want to be aware that it can’t be guaranteed.

A while ago, Ward Mundy wrote an article on “How to untrix your Trixbox”, but I’m not sure that is applicable anymore.


bgailer -

Philippe gave the correct answer. Upgrades work fine.

You simply download the real FreePBX software and when doing the install_amp force the version as specified in the previous post and you will have real FreePBX.

You also need to turn off the trixbox repo’s. These are located in /etc/yum.repos.d

worked for me no problem just download tar and install it . no problem i am using it over a month