Upgrading Modules

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digium_phones (
digiumaddoninstaller (

I was able to update a lot of things in the module admin, but I don’t know how to updates those two modules

do you have any digium phones?

Nope Just my Samsung galaxy s4.

Now I’m having trouble accessing the Web GUI when I enter my elastic IP in the URL. It keeps timing out after I upgrade everything… :confused:

The Digium Phones module is the for the configuration and management of Digium Phones, which you can find more information about on Digium’s website. If you don’t use Digium Phones, installing the module won’t provide much benefit. With that said I’ll take a look and see if I can replicate any problems with that here.

As for the Digium Addon Installer, what type of issue are you having when trying to install?

I made a PBX server on the cloud using amazon EC2. I’m trying to figure out which flavor of the g729 I’m suppose to download from the asterisk.org website.

in the linux CLI I typed ldd --version and it spat out ldd (GNC libc) 2.12 and then some copyright info

Digium has a program you can run to determine the CPU type.

Also try cat /proc/cpuinfo

Thank you so much. I actually saw this info in the Web GUI on the PBX, but thanks anyways! :slight_smile: I’m actually learning some linux as I attempt to set up my asterisk sever