Upgrading from version to newest Version

We have had FreePBX in the company for a very, very long time, and unfortunately, no one has updated it in the past. Now I have taken it upon myself to show initiative and get this done. We have version installed. There are certain difficulties with this. This service runs on a PC that is very, very old. Accordingly, I want to virtualize the service and have already created a VM on Proxmox for version 16.0.33.

Now the question is how I can transfer or migrate all settings, Follow Me, Extensions, etc. to this VM (Follow Me, Settings, Extensions, and more).

Since I have never dealt with VOIP before, it is somewhat complex for me. I have already seen other posts where software was suggested for migration, but those links no longer work.

I don’t want to reconfigure every forwarding, as the phones, etc., are already firmly configured, and I really want to transfer the settings 1 to 1.

Can someone help me with this?

Use the backup and restore module. Spin up a new FreePBX 16 vm in your hypervisor, and the backup and restore module is backwards compatible all the way back to 2.10 I believe.

Im gonna try it.