Upgrading from v14 to 15 using the upgrader tool

I want to upgrade my FreePBX v14 system to 15 using the upgrader tool. This is my first time upgrading the system. We currently do not have a test environment. I wanted to know approximately how long the upgrade process takes?

As for the exact time, it’s tough to say for sure. I’ve seen folks online mention anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours How to: Upgrade from Freepbx 14 to 15 from Command Line. It really depends on a few things:

  • Complexity of your system: If you have a ton of extensions, modules, and custom configurations, that can add to the upgrade time.
  • Your internet speed: Downloading the new packages takes some time, so a faster connection helps.
  • System resources: The beefier your server, the quicker things will chug along.

While you can’t set your watch to it, hopefully that gives you a general idea. Since you’re new to upgrading, here’s some friendly advice:

  • Make a full backup: This is crucial. If something goes sideways, you can restore your system to get back up and running.
  • Schedule some downtime: Let everyone who uses your PBX know that there might be a period where things are wonky.
  • Be patient: Upgrading software takes time. Don’t panic if it takes longer than you expected.

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Thank you. How do I restore FreePBX system from a full backup if the upgrade fails?

Here is the Wiki that walks you through the restore process. I would install to FreePBX 16 though as that is the latest supported version and the instructions should be the same.


Thank you. I also wanted to ask if restoring from a snapshot would be another option?

That would be an option for a restore to a new VM but I guess I am not sure how you think you would upgrade to a new version using a snapshot.

Thanks, I was just wondering if that was another option to restore in the event that the upgrade fails.

Yes, if you are trying to install to the same VM/over the old VM. I would not do that if you have the option, I would install to a brand new setup.

It’s fine to upgrade on the same server. I’ve had upgrades fail but never had a whole server get borked over it. Some people seem to think a fresh install is always going to be better but I’ve never had issues just upgrading the same server over and over again.

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Thank you sam, how long did your upgrade take?