Upgrading from PIAF

I have one installation (32-bit PIAF running Asterisk 1.4).

I’d like someone to write me a script that converts this to Asterisk 14 AND provides a new driver for the DAHDI card from a supplier that went out of business 10 years ago.

Just kidding - I just wanted to whine for a minute. :slight_smile:

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since you were “my customer” 10 years ago I will assume I know the supplier and their drivers are still maintained through contract. I know the guy who does the work (of course I do) on the drivers as needed. Fortunately the DAHDI stuff at a kernel level almost never changes. The last breaking change I sent an email to the dev. He asked if they wanted him to fix the driver and they said yes.

All of that aside this aside they could at any point NOT fix something and you would be stuck without updates.

tl;dr there is still life there though I can’t tell you how much. After 10 years I think you have gotten your money’s worth and I would like to think I always took care of you, so feel free to support the folks that currently pay my bills :slight_smile:

Note the same guy mentioned above sent me a message the other day saying someone paid him to go in and make changes on a trixbox system with zaptel… It goes to show if you follow good security practices and keep your sticky fingers off, these things will run forever

As you may recall, the customer is extremely “value oriented”. One of the VPs is still driving a Model A “because there’s nothing wrong with it, so why would I need a new car.” :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get them to “upgrade” to something a little newer (they can’t even get the $1 POTS desk phones they like anymore) but they are reticent to release enough money to do this “right”. I’d love to, but it’s not yet in the cards.

You might not believe this, but upgrading their DAHDI card IS one of my highest (and oldest) priorities…