Upgrading from 6.12.65-x to 10.13.66-x

I’m preparing to upgrade our production installation of FreePBX 6.12.65-31 to the newest version of 10.13.66. We are still on Asterisk 11 so the order I was planning on doing this was:

  1. All outstanding module updates.
  2. All outstanding System Admin updates.
  3. Switch to asterisk 13 and make sure everything works for a while.
  4. Run the GUI 12 to 13 upgrade tool.

Our production PBX is a virtual machine so I was also planning on taking a snapshot prior to each step in case I “brick it”.

I also considered cloning it and trying it with a clone but I’m not sure how that would work with the licensing of the commercial modules, etc.

Am I missing anything?

You can be on freepbx 13 whilst using asterisk 11

Moving major FreePBX versions is considered an upgrade for your commercial modules so you need to be within the upgrade period for them to work after the upgrade.

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you should not need to do step 1. step 2 will take care of all outstanding updates. we always take snap shots before doing anything. it is so much easier to roll back if something does go wrong.

the things to pay attention to are:

  1. as lgaetz mentioned, make sure any commercial modules have up to date licenses before making the leap to 13.
  2. if you have disabled IPV6, re-enable it before making the leap - the new firewall barfs if ipv6 is not enabled
  3. if you were running iptables be sure to clear out your old rules
  4. if you are running a 32 bit version of the distro, upgrade to the 64 bit before making the leap - in theory you should not have to do this, but we have found that 2 out of every 4 upgrades on the 32 bit version end up with problems - you can fix them all but it is a real pain.
  5. leave your self a lot of time for the upgrade to 13 - if you have lots of cdr’s it can take quite a while.