Upgrading Freepbx and Asterisk 1.4 to Asterisk 1.8 and Freepbx 2.11 pathway?

HELP! I am trying to migrate an older production Freepbx distro server (Centos 5.3, Asterisk 1.4, upgraded freepbx 2.9) to the latest Freepbx Distro running 2.11. I elected to install the Asterisk 1.8 version because I figured it was more compatable. Anyway. I have read some of the posts on upgrade/migration best practices but for some reason, every time I restore my backup files from the older server to my new one, the Freepbx interface breaks.
I have 2 separate servers. one production, one not. I install a fresh Freepbx distro on the new server. Everything is working fine until I restore the backup. I am only backing up the following.
System Recordings
System Config Files.

When I restore, I am restoring everything including the directories that were included in the backup.
I have made sure that all the same modules are installed on the new server but it is still not working. I have tried this twice and had to reinstall a fresh Distro image each time to get the new server back up with FreePbx.
Any Help would be appreciated. Otherwise, Can you tell me if there is anyway for doing it one step at a time. If I can restore only the extensions, Inbound routs/ outbound routs…etc…I can rebuild the rest of it manually.

You have a catch 22, you can’t update your current FreePBX past 2.9 with less than Asterisk 1.8, you can’t restore FreePBX outside it’s level (e.g. 2.9 to 2.9, 2.11 to 2.11). Either compile Asterisk 1.8 or rely on the “bulk extensions” and “bulk dids” modules.

What would you suggest the best approach be. Keep in mind that the old server is in production. I guess I could make an image backup of the old server, restore the image to the new hardware and compile Asterisk 1.8. The downside to that is I would like to get the new CentOS version with the latest drivers.
The whole reason for me starting this project is that I am having an issue with the NIC on the server. It just starts resending packets (broadcast storm) every once in a while. I am not sure why. So I wanted to start with a completely fresh platform and just reload the configs onto it.

Any suggestions??

I would use mondoarchive to image your working system live, no down-time.
mondorestore to a second machine.
compile and install Asterisk 1.8.
Restore a backup from the old box, this will both make sure you are “up to date” and satisfy you that it works.
You can then start using the new box, the old one being your “drop-dead” backup.
use the module admin tool to upgrade to 2.11.
If all is good, and you feel you need to, build whatever box you want to that has FreePBX 2.11, add RAID and HA if you want to this box, you can install Asterisk latest if so inclined. Then restore a backup of box B to it, you could use box A with another hardrive if so inclined. If it works then you are done. If it doesn’t you still have two backup scenarios you can return to. I would suggest that you not install any commercially licensed software on box C unless you need it and after the migration from box B is proven.

So I just reread Dicko’s post and it seams that the only option for me at this point is to use the Bulk DID & Extension modules to transfer the data. Then I will just need to recreate the dialplans, IVR’s, Custom Contexts, etc… Its a lot of work but I guess it will ensure I have a clean install.
Am I wrong here? Let me know if there is another way PLEASE!