Upgrading FreePBX 14 to 16 Using Legacy Digium Module

We currently have about 400 phones that are using the old Digium Module for Endpoint Management.
We are needing to upgrade from FreePBX 14 to FreePBX 16 is there a way to upgrade to the new Endpoint Manager during the process of upgrading to FreePBX 16? What is the recommended process?

Do you mean the Digium phones config module? This module is not available in freePBX 16.
You have to use EPM instead…

Yes, the Digium Phone Config Module. Do we need to migrate to EPM before upgrading to FreePBX 16?

I am just a user…no expert…but why do you not just update to freePBX 15? I have three locations, where I will use version 15 til the end…because of the missing Digium phone config module in newer versions :wink:

EDIT: My impression is that EPM and phone apps are not as reliable as the old Digium phone module. Just two days ago, there was an update for EPM and phone apps and on my freePBX 16 system the Digium/Sangoma phones could not connect anymore. They needed another phone apps update a day later…

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