Upgrading core to 2.11.03


I have a freepbx running on an openvz container (centos) it has been working well for the past year or so, but since last week, I can’t upgrade core from 2.11.02 to 2.11.03
The update status gets stuck on

checking for dest field in outbound_routes…already exists
checking for continue field in trunks…already exists
upgrading any zap trunks to dahdi if foundok

After this point it just doesn’t move forward, I have rebuilt freepbx and still keep getting the same issue.

Any ideas?



Is there an upgrade to framework?

No, everything else has upgraded. Just core refuses to upgrade!


Anyone has any idea what could be the reason behind this upgrade failure?

tail -f /var/log/httpd/error_log

redo the update. Post errors here.

Thanks for your comment!
I didn’t know where to look, found that the error was due to mysql unable to create/write to tmp.

The following steps fixed it for me

chown root:root /tmp chmod 1777 /tmp /etc/init.d/mysqld restart