Upgrading Asterisk

You could include an Asterisk Upgrade function in the Free PBX GUI. Would really be handy.

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That would not be possible as we do not have the permissions as the apache user to do that and upgrading Asterisk is part of your OS not FreePBX

If you can’t create Wizards to help us upgrade Asterisk could you at least give us detailed steps on how to do it? I sure don’t want to be left behind, but I sure don’t want to break a system my company depends on every day either.

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I moved these three post to their own topic.

How you update Asterisk is going to be 100% dependent on how you installed.

If you did a source build you would need to compile all the proper components. If you are using a platform built by someone you would want to follow their recommendations on updates.

To Update the FreePBX Distro we have information on our wiki

You may also have heard switching between major Asterisk versions is impossible, magic, or voodoo. Well it’s not rocket surgery on the FreePBX distro: http://wiki.freepbx.org/x/RYA2

Is there a time that’s best do to the change (such as before the update to version 12, or after)? How problematic is it for most people? Does it tend to break installations or is it pretty fool proof? Is it going to mess with FOP2?

I’ve heard ALL of the impossible, magic, voodoo, rocket science claims. I guess that’s why it worries me.

I’m currently running FreePBX Distro which installed itself with Asterisk according to the report.

FOP2 is not an official component of the freepbx distro. We don’t develop, test, or maintain it. I believe some folks are chugging along happily on 12 but I havent tried it. Always assume 3rd party stuff will break. I have modules I wrote 4 years ago and haven’t touched that work fine through all updates. We do our best not to break other people’s stuff and if we depricated something it stays around a while and makes noise. best advice is backup before any changes. Use the official update paths and as far as official components go you should be good. For freepbx 12 we support asterisk 1.8 in freepbx 13 1.8 support will be dropped. That said all the magic is done behind the scenes for each asterisk version. You may note new features or some fields go away to keep in line with whatever asterisk version you have.