Upgrading Asterisk versions using yum


This is something that’s alluded me for a while and I’d like to figure it out. So, recently Asterisk 11.21.0 was released and a box I’m working on currently has v11.14.2. This is a fresh box, so why not update it onto the latest version of 11.

I SSH into the box and run ‘yum list asterisk11*’ to see if the new version is available… but the only things listed are all the 11.14.2 packages - of which I already have.

Pretty sure on another box I managed to go from 11.14.x to 11.15 using the yum update method but can’t for the life of my remember if I had to do anything special to get those packages to appear.

I am using the AsteriskNOW distro for all our boxes. Is there a new repo that needs to be added? Or, do the repo’s included with this distro only list Asterisk versions that remain compatible with FPBX2.11? Which brings me to my final question, would it be expected that I’ll hit some incompatibilities between FPBX and Asterisk with the update to 11.21, or do things mostly stay the same?