Upgrading Asterisk version on a non-distro FreePbx Installation

Recently upgraded to FreePbx version 15; however, my Asterisk version is 14, which is EOL. I’d like to upgrade to Asterisk 16. Is there a way to upgrade Asterisk, or will I have to uninstall it completely, and install the new version? Running Asterisk 14.4.1, FreePbx on a Centos 7 droplet hosted on Digital Ocean. I know the distro has an easy way to switch versions on the fly, but this is not a distro installation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How did you originally install Asterisk?

It was via the CentOS command line.

Was this the tutorial you followed? https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FOP/Installing+FreePBX+14+on+CentOS+7

You do not have to uninstall completely, but when you build the newer version of asterisk you should select the same options during the menuselect step. There is a way to copy the options you previously selected to a new build directory… off the top of my head that file is called menuselect.makeopts but I’m not certain.

Once you build and make install you should have the new asterisk files in place and can restart Asterisk… minimal downtime. Famous last words.

Since you are on DigitalOcean, take a snapshot before you begin your work so that you can have a point to restore to in case it goes poorly.

There is a FreePBX 15 distro build in the DigitalOcean Marketplace now if you want to move to distro.

Thanks a lot for the helpful reply. It looks very similar to the tutorial I followed, though I can’t say if it’s the exact one. So I’d just follow the Install and Configure Asterisk portion, ensuring I downloaded source for Asterisk 16? Seems simple enough, but I’ll definitely take a snapshot before attempting the change.

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