Upgraded vultr server - still 50% full

I originally had a 25GB vultr server with Freepbx. It showed drive usage was at 48%. I then went to my vultr account, upgraded to 60GB server, rebooted everything. Vultr shows 60GB. Freepbx still shows 48% drive usage. I can delete recordings and it will drop to 23%. Am I doing something wrong? How do I get Freepbx to recognize that it is now a 60GB hard drive server?

You need to expand the underlying disk on the vm, reboot with an iso that has gparted on it and run it, archlinux is a convenient one that vultr has in their library.

I never looked, but is the FreePBX 14 build not using LVM?

That doesn’t help, LVM is installed, in this case, on a partition. not on the full disk. you need to expand the partition to let LVM use the new disk space.

I have yet needed to do that when I upgrade any server at Vultr running FreePBX. Some actual output of details from the server might be helpful.

I have had to complete the scenario as @dicko describes when expanding the disk size in Virtualbox. I assume Vultr would be the same case.

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