Upgraded version now T1 card issues

Okay so i ininitially installed version 1.818.18.21 and got it working, meaning i tested configuring phones, making and receiving calls and connecting to our RHINO channel bank to interface with our overhead paging system. This is was all done in order to setup freepbx as a replacement for our current Fonality system.

I then worked on upgrading from 1.818.18.21 to version 2.210.62-1 using the scripts provided on the site. There were no errors during the upgrade but now when in plug the PRI into the T1 card we can not receive or make calls. When I tried to call in to the system using my cell phone all i got was a busy signal. When i plug the other port in the T1 card into the RHINO channel bank and try to page the phone displays the message call ended. This was working until I upgraded the freepbx firmware.

When i check the DAHDI module it says the it is not running and tells me click the reload/restart button. I have done that but i still get the same message.

update the dahdi module to the newest version

amportal stop

amportal start

According to system it is at the newest version
DAHDI Config 2.10.14 Schmooze.com Enabled and up to date

Well if the module says dahdi isn’t running then it’s crashing and you need to figure out why. Sorry wish I had more answers for you.

You can try

service asterisk stop
service dahdi stop
service dahdi start
service asterisk start

and see if there are any errors. Then you can check dahdi from inside the asterisk CLI

dahdi show version

if that fails then run

module load chan_dahdi.so