Upgraded to FreePBX 2.10, paging stopped working


After upgrading our system to FreePBX 2.10, paging to SIP phones stopped working. DAHDI phones still work.

The SIP phones get the BEEP, but that’s all. No audio.

I tried uninstalling the paging module and reinstalling it and reconfiguring it. Made no difference.
Here is a relevant log:


Any suggestions?

No ideas at all?

We just had a tornado warning issued and no one heard it because all paging is down. This is kind of important.

never mind, looks like a combination of paging module, and changing our custom dialplans to use app-paging instead of ext-paging fixed it.

In the future, when you have important information like “…our custom dialplans…” it’s kind of important to mention that because the first post provided said nothing of custom dialplans.

Good point, but the first thing I did before posting was simplify everything down to the bare freepbx, with no custom dialplan. Still didn’t work. But the latest patch to PAGING fixed that.

Thanks for checking in, though.
Now on our 4th tornado warning for today. Sheesh.

Well good luck with the tornadoes…

As far as paging, it has worked fine since 2.10 came out using the fully supported app_meetme that has been the standard underlying technology forever in Asterisk (using the Paging() command to do so).

The only thing enabled in the last release was support for app_confbridge in Asterisk 10 which was a complete rewrite and not supported in FreePBX until recently given the change. On 1.8 and prior it remained fine which is the mature stable release of Asterisk at this point.

So glad all is working, sounds like maybe not all of the custom changes you made may have made it out when you tested (or forgot to do a “core reload” or something…)

Good luck with the tornado warnings!