Upgraded FreePBX server died

Before I could do a backup, my server on which I upgraded a FreePBX Distro 11 to 12 suddenly started using 100 % CPU (php proces) and died before I could make a backup.

MBR is damaged an I can’t fix it - I have tried reinstalling Grub but that doesn’t help…

When booting from a Fedora rescue cd I can recover the old FreePBX files, so my idea is to reinstall the latest FreePBX from scratch on a new server and recover FreePBX from the old server’s hard disk.

Is it sufficient to just copy the /var/lib/asterisk/astdb.sqlite3 file onto the new server after FreePBX 12 installation and reboot ? or should I do something else to restore my system ? As said I did not make a backup yet on FreePBX 12 before the system died, I have only older backups on version 11, but then I would run again through all the upgrade scripts one-by-one…

advised highly appreciated !

A little hairy, but you could expand your choice to as a minimum:


but there are “links” within some of these so use rsync with options -aHAX --delete (you probably don’t need the HAX , but what the hell . . .) , your mysql server on the recipient machine would need to be stopped first.

I copied already most of these files, but I’m not really familiar with mysql.
Could you send me exact resync commands after I copied all the files ?


All you need is in

man rsync

You should not just “copy” it will break things. if you don’t want to read the mans just delete all your “copied files” and do rsync -a (each of your sources) and eventaully amportal chown