Upgrade to Distro

I need to upgrade an elastix install which has Freepbx 2.11 and I would like to go to the Distro Freepbx 14. I want to do this on the same box so as I read I cannot use the conversion tool as this need two boxes. Any help on upgrading to distro on same box so I don’t loose all my settings and extensions.

First you have to bring the box to 12, then to 13 and then use the RPM to do updates. However, if your box is that old it may not be running on an OS/system that can’t be upgraded to the new OS.

The box shows it has 64-bit hardware. So my thought was to just download the distro package and just do a fresh insall and rebuild everything so I know I will not have any failures… just really didn’t want the system to be down so long… but that seems to be the best and safest option at this point

It’s honestly the faster and safest route to go versus three system upgrade paths. Because not only do you have to get it on 12 (or 13) that just gets you to the 1 release. You’d have to run all the 12 system updates, then all the 13 updates and then you’d be ready for the 13 to 14 RPM, which is still BETA at this point. So that’s a roll of the dice as well.

Going with a fresh install is the best bet.

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