Upgrade suggestions needed

Greetings all, FreePBX newbie here

I’m running FreePBX 13.197.22 at the moment.
PBX Distro 10.13.66-6
Asterisk 11.20.0

I usually update modules on a regular bases. But today, I went in to System Admin and saw there is an upgrade to the PBX Distro. It’s 10.13.66-22

Is it “safe” to run this update? Is it needed?

Sometime in the next six months I would really like to upgrade FreePBX to a newer version all together but that’s a different topic.


That version of Asterisk is not supported upstream anymore AFAIK. The minimum is Asterisk 13 LTS. But targeting for Asterisk 16 LTS is probably better choice moving forward.

You are quite far behind on many things. Have you update CentOS via yum upgrade yet?

As for upgrading the FreePBX “firmware”, here is a guide I wrote.

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