Upgrade steps from freepbx 12 to freepbx 16

Hi everyone, I’m new around here and I need to know if possible the steps for make the upgrade from a freepbx 12 to version 16, and if all the licenses purchased in the old system remain valid. Thanks in avance

The best way forward would be to install a new instance of 16 on a brand new box, take a full backup of 12 and restore it to 16. Then you can do Zend reset on the Sangoma portal and activate your new installation to the same deployment.

If you can push it off though, 17 is going to be released some time this year and the upgrade from 16 to 17 is going to be basically the same path so might as well wait a few months and move to 17 instead.

Thanks a lot, I’m going to work on it. I’ll keep updated

Hi, I already have the new server with the freepbx 16 running and with the backup restoration from the server with freepbx 12, and have another doubt Can I have the two servers running at the same time, with the same deployment ID?, I ask this because I need to be sure that all the settings are running good, without any problems, and what would be the problems if I do this?

Unfortunately you can’t have two different instances registered to the same deployment. When you register your new installation to the same deployment the old installation will automatically become unregistered.

You can test all the critical functionality (like inbound and outbound calls) without registering your system to any deployment and then just plan to do the main changeover once you have some time to test and troubleshoot any issues that may come up after you move the deployment to the new hardware.

Thanks a lot… As for voicemails, recordings, messages, etc., they also migrate in the restoration process, or are simply lost? Regarding the endpoint manager, in the new server with version 16 only the basic license appears which only supports Sangoma and Digium phones, this is not the case in version 12 of the old server (which is in use at the moment). To do? replace and upgrade the licenses? Yes or yes?

That will depend on how much data your version 12 box is able to back up. I never did a migration from 12 to 16 so can’t really tell you what all will need to be moved manually. I think most of it should work but you should be able to always move things manually that don’t through the backup module.

Not sure about your licensing question, probably something you need to test and possibly pay for again on the new installation if you want that functionality going forward but doesn’t migrate from your 12 installation.

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