Upgrade process for FreePBX Distro

Can someone help me understand the upgrade process of FreePBX Distro?

First, when I look at the track 3 upgrade scripts, they start at upgrade-3.211.63-1.sh. For track 4, the scripts start at upgrade-4.211.64-2.sh. So, my question is do you run a -2 upgrade script on -2 to upgrade to -3 or do you run -2 on -1 to upgrade to -2.

Second, what is the delay is publishing an upgrade script from the release of the .iso for the version.

Third, in order for the upgrade scripts to function properly, should I run a regular yum -y update on my systems or will this potentially break the upgrade process?

Thanks in advance!!!

Thanks for the quick response. I see you updated the track 3 and 4 pages as well.

Also, will there ever be a way to update from track to track. I have read threads on this, but a track on 6.x to a track on 6.(x+1) seems to not have the problems of a 5.x track to a 6.x track.

If you are on -2 you would use -3.

They are usually a day or 2 at the most delayed

No dont do a yum update. The scripts handle all that.