Upgrade procedure questions

hi, i am testing a freepbx install and need some help with upgrade procedures. i have learned that there seems to be 3 categories of upgrade?
modules, freepbx and os.

i understand that modules are upgraded in the module admin
i also learned that freepbx upgrade via the freepbx upgrade scripts.

my questions is about the os, what is the recommended way to keep the os up to date? yum? some other way?

thanks in advance!

You’ve answered your own question - ‘yum’ is the right tool.

If you are talking about the FreePBX Distro, you only need the content on these pages:

Everything you need to know to keep everything current, including how to change between major distro versions.

hi, thanks for the info. i watched the video and heard them say that the update scripts update BOTH freepbx as well as the OS…

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