Upgrade path to FPBX14 beta


Sorry if this is has been answered elsewhere, I looked and couldnt find a straight answer. I have a test/home virtual PBX at home and I wanted to upgrade it to the latest FPBX 14/CentOS7 beta. Is there a way to do this without installing from the ISO? I am not worried about messing it up as I have image level backups of it.

Currently running 10.13.66-17.

We were literally talking about this on Monday.

Now, having said that - IMHO there shouldn’t be an upgrade path from a known-stable to a beta version. It’s a horrible idea - it takes a working system and puts it in jeopardy of being a NOT working system. If you want to install the Beta, do it on a test machine and set it up using dumps from the bulk handler. When the new 14 version is “ready for prime time”, there will be a version upgrade path.

An upgrade utility is typically provided once stable. I believe there will be a 6 to 7 migration path too but I am not involved in that. Note FreePBX 14 will require PHP 5.6+

Fair point, but I was hoping for an obscure upgrade script, not something Joe Schmo would just randomly run because “oooh an upgrade!”

Not a huge deal, I can easily just install it, but i thought i would ask before i went down that road.

Well if you are running in developer mode you can typically checkout the branch on git. All development for 14 in being done on SNG7. To put upgrade a current system you would need to update to php 5.6 which will likely break a bunch of stuff. Really a clean install on a test server or VM is the way to go if you want to play with it.