Upgrade path from version 2.2 to 15

Hello, we are using the 2.2 version and planning to update to the latest version.
We have a new physical server in-place with version 15.
On the old server (running 2.2 version), we did a configuration backup. And when we imported the file to the new server. I didn’t work.
Please advice,

Are you sure you’re using FreePBX 2.2? That was released more than 16 years ago. If so, then your only option is to bring the two systems up side by side and manually move settings between them. There will be very little similarity between the two systems.

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Well, can you blame him for holding off? FreePBX 2.2 was really, REALLY good. Even says so on the release page :sweat_smile:

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Pressing F

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