Upgrade path From FreePBX to latest version

I am currently on FreePBX and would like to upgrade to the newest version of PBX. Instead of doing an in-place upgrade, I would like to stand up a new system and import / restore all the required data.

Is there an upgrade path from FreePBX 12 to version 16? If there is, can you advise the best way?

I suggest move straight to freepbx 17 (currently beta) if you can. This way you avoid moving to 16 then few months later to 17

Do you know the best path? Is it possible to stand up a new environment and move over the configs?

Take a full backup from 12 and try restoring to a new 17 system. The backup and restore module has been very good at restoring even several-versions-old configs. The main issue you may face is that chan_sip is no longer available by default in 17. For that reason, you may have better success restoring to a 16 system running Asterisk 18 or 20 with chan_sip enabled. Once live, work at getting your SIP-related configs converted to pjsip, and later migrate to 17. @musa116 's advice is progressive but FreePBX 16 won’t be discontinued immediately so there’s no rush to go to 17.

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Thanks. This is my first experience with backing up the system. The best thing to do is go into the web interface and go to the admin section and do a full backup?. Once i do that, I go to the new system with the back up and do a restore and I should see my configurations.

Then work on the SIP related configs?

That’s right.

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