Upgrade path from 10.13.66-20 32bit to SNG7 64bit

Hi there: I’ve just seen that SNG7 Distro has become stable and FreePBX Distro 13 is already legacy.

Currently I’m running 10.13.66-20 32bit and I would really like to migrate to SNG7 64bit.

Is there any upgrade path planned for in-place upgrade?

I think I’ve read some time ago that a path from 10.13.66-20 might be possible but only if coming from 64bit. Is this still the case?

In case it is mandatory to start from 64bit, is it possible to go from 10.13.66-20 32bit to 10.13.66-20 64bit and then to SNG7? I’ve been searching on the forum how to go from 10.13.66-20 32bit to10.13.66-20 64bit but I’m not sure I was able to find a definitive guide to perform the move without any doubts.

The in-place upgrade is not ready yet, but soon.

Thanks Lorne. Can you comment if the in-place will allow to go from 10.13.66 32bit to SNG7 64bit, or should I first move from 10.13.66 32bit to 10.13.66 64 bit and then to SNG7 64bit ?

32 bit will not be supported in sng7 and I don’t believe the migration path will work but @xrobau can correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks James. So would it be possible to move from 10.13.66 32bit to 10.13.66 64bit in order to be prepared when the in-place to SNG7 procedure comes out?

I have been searching how to do that but I don’t think I have been able to find any step-by-step instructions on how to move from 32 to 64bit on 10.13.66

My suggestion is for you to simply install FreePBX distro 14 on a different box and use the Sangoma migration tool to move your configuration between your 32bit box and your new 64bit FreePBX 14 server.

This tool will do as I have described.

Thanks Frank. Wouldn’t that brake the activation code and make me lose my license?

Not sure what you are referring to. Do you have some commercial modules possibly, is that what you are referring to??

If so please refer to the wiki there is an article referencing how to accomplish this.


Indeed I’m referring exactly to that. I do have some commercial modules and since I already reset my zend license once due to a hardware failure, if I need to reset it one more time, I would be left with no more possible resets and might end up losing my commercial modules’ licenses if I need to reset it one more time.

You can open a support ticket for a zend reset if you need one.

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Thanks @lgaetz :grinning: