Upgrade only Warm Spare to Freepbx 15?

I have two Freepbx Phone System 60s, with one running as a warm spare. The warm spare backs up the primary server every night. I saw a video where it is possible to restore backups across versions as of Freepbx 15. Would it be possible for me to update my warm spare to v15 for testing and leave my primary server on v14, leaving me running a warm spare on v15 running a nightly backup and restore of my primary server running v14?

Warm spare backup is still in progress, ‘watch’ this ticket for progress updates:

Edit - as Tom points out, ticket is internal. Work is in progress.

We can’t. I believe that’s an internal ticket.


Thanks! That makes the decision easy. Is there any guesstimation as to when this would be implemented? Are we talking weeks, months, or not even on the horizon?

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