Upgrade Issues

I’m upgrading from FreePBX on an older machine to FreePBX on a new one, and am running into some issues. I’ve conducted a full backup of the old system and restored it to the new one. However, it doesn’t seem to want to register with our VoIP provider the way the old one does. Also, in the System Admin screen on the old one, I’ve access to a number of dialogue boxes such as ‘Port Management’, ‘Network Settings’, etc, that are not present in the newer version. Must I register the new system before those appear? Why might the new system not be registering with our VoIP provider?

Always make sure you have Backup Module up to date before running the restore on the new server.
For those options missing on the System Admin page, it could be because you didn’t activate yet and System Admin Pro is not present.
Make sure you have the right credentials/data on the trunk settings. Anyhow, we would need more information (traces, pcap, etc.) or something more than ‘is not registering’.

Good luck.

If SIP port bindings get changed during the restore, it would require an Asterisk restart for them to take effect. fwconsole restart

Why doesnt the restore process handle this part?

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