Upgrade Issues

I have some issues with my system, which look as if URLs have changed on the upgrade system?

I am part way through the upgrade to v12 and I see this message when I select the upgrade tool:

Current Version Info (Updated each stage of upgrade process):
FreePBX Base Version: 12.0.74
FreePBX Framework Version: 12.0.74
FreePBX Core Version:

You appear to have upgraded Framework to version 12.0, your current version number is 12.0.74. You still need to upgrade the Core Module and any other modules that show upgrades available. The remaining steps you should take are:

Check for online updates again and upgrade all other modules that have upgrades available including Core. If you get dependency warnings simply repeat the process until all modules are upgraded.
Press the Apply Configuration Changes bar.
Finally you will want to run 'amportal a ma refreshsignatures'

Once you have completed these steps you will be upgraded to the new 12.0 version and you may disable or remove this module if it it does not do so automatically.

If I go to module admin and check for updates I see the following:

Then if I attempt to update the framework I see this message:

If I go on to ignore this message and just try to upgrade the system module (which I am sure would be folly anyway) - I see this message:

I would welcome any help, because as it looks I am looking at a complete rebuild which might prove tedious!



Did you upgrade core?

Hi Andrew

I am not sure how to, I don’t seem to have any option.


amportal a ma upgrade core

I get a similar issue:

[[email protected] ~]# amportal a ma upgrade core

Please wait…

The following error(s) occured:

Those URLs work. I would try to see why your system is unable to connect to them.

Might there be any firewall ports I need to open?