Upgrade from v14 to v15?

Is there any different when updating from freepbx 14 to freepbx 15 via these two methods?

  1. run the 14 to 15 upgrade tool
  2. backup V14, install new 15, restore backup of 14 in the fresh install?

Pro’s con’s?

14 to 15 is a very minor upgrade. The best method is the upgradetool IMO.

Have a backup and snapshot to revert prior, but that should always be a normal practice.

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Restoring backup from 14 in 15 may lead to some unwanted result, I’d prefer to upgrade from 14 to 15, and I did it once, because the upgrade tool should have all the necessary to convert old code to new, something that your restore hasn’t.

If you really want to fresh install you can always export most of configuration with Bulk Handler and then import back.

There’s also FreePBX 16 now, so you have to upgrade twice.

so your saying the 14->15 upgrade tool is better then the “new backup restore” that sangoma has been touting for the last year as “new and improved” magic module for restoring older backups to a fresh install? I suspected the upgrade was probably beteter since its specifically designed to convert from 14 to 15 so I would expect it to handle the conversion.

If I backup, convert and have any issue I guess I have to reload 14 and restore the backup since loading the backup in 15 would convert the backup too?

It is better because 14 to 15 is basically a very simple module upgrade.

The new backup module works very well for bringing in legacy backups from version 2.11 through 14 (15 is not legacy).

But that does require that the backup be complete in the first place. I have no issue using a FreePBX 14 backup to create a new FreePBX 15 (16 now) system on new hardware. But if you are simply wanting to update an in place system, yes the upgrade module is a much better choice.

That said, FreePBX 15 to 16 is less simple because of the disaster that they chose to introduce by staying on the SNG7 based distro, yet move to PHP 7. But the in place upgrade does seem to mostly work now. I have not ran another upgrade since 3 weeks ago because of the issues with things like the current cron issue.

ok thanks. I have almost a dozen PBX’s and any new PBX built in the last 2 years has been 15 but I upgraded 2 to 15 via the upgrade tool as a test (dev PBX’s) and have 6 production PBX’s that are still 14. The dev upgrades did go well but I wanted to check before I did the production servers. I know 16 is out now but the hosted environment I am on doesn’t have 16 as an option and the 15 versions I am running do not have a 15->16 upgrade tool even though the dashboard specifically says the upgrade module is available its not listed in modules.

Since I always to these at the command line, I always install the upgrade module manually anyway.

per sangoma…

The preferred method of migrating from an earlier version to FreePBX 16 is to restore a backup to a new install from the FreePBX Distro ISO. As with previous major upgrades, we have published a 15->16 version upgrade module that will do a system check and perform an upgrade in place.

Who did you get to tell you that? The same support that is currently breaking things?

Its literally a cut/paste from the announcement that 16 is now in GA. (i.e. the news in freepbx dashboard)

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