Upgrade from FreePBX 40 to FreePBX 100

Hello Community

I am about to replace a FreePBX 40 with a FreePBX 100. I have not found much documentation or post about this topic so if anyone has tips of links it is grearly appreciated. My hope is that I can simply backyp the FreePBX 40 and restore to the FreePBX 100 then simply update EPM to make the phones move over ro rhe FreePBX 100. Can anyone confirm this is the correct path? Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance

I don’t have any direct experience but I don’t know why a backup/restore wouldn’t work. The extension limitations are part of the hardware and not system configuration that would be backedup/restored.

But to take it one step further. You wouldn’t even have to update the EndPoint manager either if you are retiring the PBExact 40. Just configure the network info that the 40 had into the 100 and your phone should work as is without any changes.

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