Upgrade from FreePBX 13

I have a system running with FreePBX About 45 extensions, many IVRs, routes, many trunks, postfix, etc. Was originally installed as a distro.

I have to upgrade the system, logfiles and configuration should not change.

I have new hardware ready.

What version would you go to?
How should I best do it?


Hi @StephanK If you do not want to touch your system so better to install latest FreePBX-15 ISO and use Backup & Restore module to take Backup from 13 system and restore to 15 system .Thanks.



Little problem: When I log into the system as root, I see the interface and the mac address but no IP.

I expected to be able to find a network config
in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
but when I log in as root, I do not even see an “etc” folder?!

I have a working DHCP server.

Any idea how I handle this?

I Interface I MAC Address       I IP Addresses     I
I eth0      I 00:16:3A:F1:CD:14 I                  I

Your ‘working’ dhcp server is apparently unavailable.

ifup eth0  


Thanks, that handled it. Now I have an IP, can use the web interface and set a static IP.

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