Upgrade From FreePBX

I currently am running FreePBX on a Linux box. The system has worked very well for 5+ years. Is there any reason or new features on the newer versions that would make an upgrade worth while?

We currently have a few different SIP trunks coming into the box, there are around 40 extensions used with basic features such as follow me, voicemail to email, call recording. Most all of the phone sets are Digium D50 or D40 units. I wouldn’t say we are missing a needed feature, but didn’t know if there was a compelling reason to look at the possibility of upgrading.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Eh, once something breaks you are on your own.

Additionally, outdated stuff are less secure.

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More like 10+, but yeah.

Yeah - last week there was a media flurry about FreePBX having a serious security flaw. Real big deal, OMGWAGD stuff. That was from a version 18 months old. The bottom line on that frenzy was “keep your stuff up to date.”

There are (I’m making up a number) 50+ CVE vulnerability entries that your system is vulnerable to. Also, there are lots of new features and subsystems that might (without knowing you application, it’s hard to say) make your system work better and easier to manage.

With the advent of FreePBX 15, the backup/restore module will now work with older versions. The one you are using now (for example) will break if someone makes a call between the backup and restore.

My suggestion: download the new ISO to a test computer and pull the backups from the old computer into the new computer and see what happens. There are worse ways to spend a morning.

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