Upgrade From FPBX 13 to 14 issue

I upgraded my FPBX 13 box last night to 14 and now have 26 extra sip peers. I cant find them anywhere in the system they are the user extensions but with extra numbers in front. I’ll attach some screen shots. I am now on FPBX How can i get rid of the 26 extra peers?


I believe those are Zulu peers…my Zulu does 99xxx for extensions, so 105 has a Zulu extension of 99105.

I got it down to 16 extra peers. The ones that begin 99xxx are from WebRTC. I still can figure out where the other ones 9999xxx are coming from. I upgraded another system and didn’t have this issue but the WebRTC wasn’t on that system. I think it created some bogus extensions but there is no way to remove them except maybe editing a database.


Please take a look at this

Good luck and have a nice day!


That looks like it would work. Where would i type in the ?display=devices at?


Worked great those are gone now. Thank you everyone for your help.

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