Upgrade from 2.8 to 2.11

If I just get a FreePBX distro, do you think it is possible to migrate from FreePBX configuration of Elastix 2.8.1-17 to the latest FreePBX of 2.10 (or 2.11)? I ask because I saw somewhere that I have to hand insert configuration on the new version…

Please help.

Possible, but not easy, probably quicker to do it by hand.

Too many nested options and it’s hard to give the task to a bunch of IT staff who don’t understand much about PBX to get the migration done…

Coming from Elastix it will never work. They make to many changes. Will need to hand do it. Sorry its not real FreePBX.

One way to “reverse engineer” elastix is to build a VM with Asterisk 1.6/FreePBX 2.8, backup the Elastix box, restore that backup into the new temporary machine, then purge all the elastix claptrap . . . , to see what was done by them, something like:-

grep -A10 -B10 -i elastix /etc/asterisk/*.conf

and delete ANY context that includes that claptrap word. Then just upgrade FreePBX as far as asterisk 1.6 allows, then update asterisk to 1.8, you should be able to then get to FreePBX 2.10, backup that machine, install it into the latest and greatest FreePBX. finally update all and check the issue of

rasterisk -x ‘database show’

for any “surprises”.

(sed ‘s/then get to FreePBX 2.10/then get to FreePBX 2.11/’)

dicko, that’s so scary! I could do a sky jump no questions asked, but this is scary!!

So do it by hand, most will find it quicker to extricate themselves from your situation.

However, “No pain, no gain” though :slight_smile:

You can hire FreePBX Support to go through the elastix box and re-setup your new box replicating the setup.

What?! How/where… I hope it’s not expensive because if not, I’m going in for this NOW. Christmas holiday time is perfect for us to do the switch!

Nevermind, found it. If only it would take an hour. I know it would take a little more :frowning:

Depends on what you consider expensive. It’s $150/hr. Very reasonable in today’s IT world.

I have three OTTS tech’s and we still use 20 hours a year of Schmooze support. They are wonderful.

Thanks SkykingOH & tonylewis. I can get accounting to figure out $300 for a couple hours - I’m just hoping the team has something special that will do migrations, especially some form of system recording transfer without needing to do it by hand. (Remember, we’re in the Philippines and yes, IT costs in the rest of the world might be different… but here’s it is still 1980 lol)

One more question, is the Fax setup proper and easy on FreePBX distro? I’ve had no issues on the Elastix fax setup.

Does Schmooze by any chance require me to PAY to get migration questions answered before I’m even buying the product? :slight_smile:

This is a public forum. If you have questions regarding purchasing support you should contact sales. They are great guys that can answer all your questions.

The sales department will answer general questions concerning whether tech support can assist with certain items, or if they are outside the scope of the services we provide, however we specifically will not provide technical support directly, as we have paid support for this. Daily people will contact sales to try to get free technical support instead of paying for support so we have pretty firm rules about providing support via sales.

The FreePBX team and community do help out quite a bit on IRC and the forums for free, but if you need direct technical support, please purchase some support credit, everyone on the FreePBX Team lives,eats and breathes FreePBX…however our families prefer real food, so we use our paid support to help with that.

Preston - He seems to have changed topics. I clearly said, call sales to talk about the product. Not to obtain support.

Again if you have question about HA, call sales. To my knowledge, because of the partitioning scheme, you would have to restore from a backup of installing the HA cluster.

I’ve started a ticket under “FreePBX support” to ask questions about migrations. FYI, SkyKing, the migration will be performed by the FreePBX team, not by me… so these questions are pre-sales question to make sure that when we buy FreePBX time, can we be sure the migration will be done the way we expect.

TonycLewis already mentioned they will go through the Elastix box and get 'er up in FreePBX, which answers the question but now I have detailed migration questions (not even that detailed really), that I posted in the FreePBX support ticket.

Hope I get the answer to that so we can begin the purchase of commercial modules, support time, etc.