Upgrade from 15 to 16 failed

Hi all,

I was running FPBX 15 and attempted to upgrade to 16. The Upgrade check (in GUI) indicated that I should remove a number of unsupported modules. I used “fwconsole ma delete xxxxx” to remove the unsupported modules and restarted the system. Then I selected the upgrade (in GUI) which said it completed. After the update to fpbx 16 asterisk will no longer startup and when I log into the system fwconsole is no longer on the system. The sysm link is there but the file linked to is no longer there.

I did a freepbx backup from ver 15 system before the upgrade (via ftp). What is best way to fix system, should i reinstall freepbx 15 from iso and try to restore backup or can I restart upgrade with no fwconsole.

Please refer /var/log/pbx/freepbx16-upgrade.log log file to know the upgrade process status.

For clarity I am running on dedicated hardware based on a 9th gen i5 using the default freepbx iso (I think it is CentOS).

I looked at the log file and discovered that yum did not complete the freepbx16 transaction yum started to install but never completed. Log file ended there. Yum complained that it had uncompleted transactions, so I ran “yum-complete-transaction” which completed and I now have fwconsole. The problem is that the upgrade 15>16 no longer is running asterisk. I suspect that the version upgrade needs additional steps after it installs freepbx16. I tried to run “fwconsole versionupgrade” but that fails because freepbx now believes it is at ver. 16. Is there anyway to run the version upgrade to complete the install.


Hi @sbk58 Can you please raise FREEPBX jira at issues.freepbx.org and attach your version upgrade logs to debug further? Interested to see why yum transaction didnt completed properly.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Sorry for the delay in responding back. Just spent the last couple of days rebuilding the PBX from scratch.

I believe the upgrade failure was my fault. After completing step one of the upgrade to version 16 the upgrade started step two and the GUI disconnected without warning, never seen freepbx do that during an upgrade before. The system started as version 12. After waiting for about 15 minutes with no console activity I rebooted the system via the console (shutdown -r now). The fact that yum reported a transaction had not completed indicates I simply did not wait long enough.

The upgrade log file had no errors or warnings. The last entry shows yum starting to install the package freepbx16. Unfortunately the log files are on the old M2 SD drive and I have no way to mount the drive at present on another system.

I believed the fastest way to get the system running was to install freepbx on a new drive and then restore our last freepbx backup.

I replaced the SD drive in the PBX and installed version 16 from ISO. Version 16 could not restore any of the version 15 backups stored on our Synology via FTP, complained about invalid characters in the backups (“Tar.php” threw an exception). I copied the backups to my Ubuntu system to see if they where damaged. Ubuntu had no issue opening the backup files.

I then installed version 15 from scratch (same version as the backups). Version 15 could not restore the backups either complaining about invalid headers in the backups (again “Tar.php” failed). At this point it was faster to just rebuild the PBX system to get the phones working asap.

After I got basic phone service working under version 15 I tested the backup/restore (same FTP server) and the backups I tested restored without issue.

Again thanks for the response.

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